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I have finally taken me some time to write a small review of the signalcopy products.

I have been a user of SignalCopy software since beginning of 2011 when I started to
use SignalCopyLocal. I wanted to have a quick, flexible and reliable copy tool which
was very much fulfilled by SignalCopyLocal.

When time passes and the number of accounts increases, you will find out that
SignalCopyLocal will not be "enough" and therefore I took the step this year upgrading
to SignalCopyMySQL+. SignalCopyMySQL+ will take the flexibility to another dimension
where a MyQSL database is used for this purpose. Yes, it is harder to setup the
software but I got help from the vendor with everything and this is another thing I
am very pleased with, "Support". If I need support, I get a very quick response back.

I need to pinpoint the support part a little bit more because I think its a very
important factor. Just last week I got a new feature implemented where it is now
possible to have SymbolScaling which is very effective if the broker have many
different kind of symbols with different contract sizes.

Final words: If you look for a signalcopy software, you have found the correct vendor

Sumbitted by eusanka on 2013-10-19
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